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WATL 2024 Axe Throwing League Season

2024 League Details Below!  Sign-up form is coming soon!

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Axe Throwing League Types 101

What is single hatchet?

This is basic axe throwing league – perfect for all levels!

What is Duals?

In this axe throwing league, we have 2 people throwing at the same time at the same target – you should have some throwing experience before trying this as it can cause damage to your axe if it collides with your partner’s axe.

What is Big Axe?

The BIG axe throwing league features is a larger axe that is thrown from a further distance.  We require throwers to have at least one season experience (at our venue or another) before registering for this league.  Have experience outside of the league?  Swing by and talk to our team to see if we can make an exception.

Regulation Information

Are these regulated seasons?

Our venue is a member of the World Axe Throwing League. All leagues follow their rules.  You can visit the World Axe Throwing League here to explore more about their rules and regulations.

Is there a place that I can check my standings?

YoReferee is the official software of the World Axe Throwing League for scoring.  You can check data on their website here.


How long is a league season?

Each season lasts 9 weeks.

Weeks 1 -7: Standard Play (4 games/night)

Week 8*: Make-Ups Night

Week 9: Double Elimination Tournament

*Make-ups night may be used on a full group level due to holidays or emergencies (ex: hurricane) that fall on a league night.  If there are not any holidays/emergencies, then this night is used for individuals who missed nights during the season to get caught up.

2024 League Schedule

Winter: Jan 15 – Mar 17 (Complete)

Spring: April 6 – June 9 (Complete)

Summer: June 29 – Sept 1 (Starting soon!)

Fall: Sept 21 – Dec 1

Are there prizes?

Yes, there are! 

There are TWO categories you can win for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!  Yes, you can win in BOTH categories in the same league season.

1st place: $100 gift card

2nd place: $50 gift card

3rd place: $25 gift card

Category 1: Based on placement by total points in league season (Weeks 1-7)

Category 2: Based on placement in tournament play (Week 8)

Note: A minimum of 15 (non-staff) league members are required in any specific league for prize availability.  Reduced prize levels to be made available to smaller leagues at venue owner discretion.  1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be split with 50% to the person in the ranking by points and 50% to the person in the ranking by end of season tournament placement.  Duals teams will split the prize amount issued.  Gift cards will be issued via e-mail at the conclusion of the season.  In the event you win in more than 1 category, a single gift card for your total of all prizes will be issued.

What is the investment to join League?

Single Season Pay in Full
Hatchet League: $185
Big Axe League: $185
Duals League: $185/team or $92.50/individual
Weekly Membership
Hatchet League: $20
Big Axe League: $20
Duals League: $20/team or $10/individual
Note: 10% discount on each additional league after 1st league
Monthly Membership
Hatchet League: $87
Big Axe League: $87
Duals League: $87/team or $43.50/individual
Note: 10% discount on each additional league after 1st league
Weekly/Monthly Member Perks – Hatchet League
20% off of the following:
Axe Throwing (Public Hours)
Free Open Practice on League Night between seasons (Note: $20/night for Single Season throwers)
Two Leagues – Hatchet + Duals – additional discount
25% off Axe Throwing (Public Hours)
Two Leagues – Hatchet + Big Axe – additional discount
35% off Axe Throwing (Public Hours)
Three Leagues – Hatchet + any 2 others
50% off Axe Throwing (Public Hours)

Please note: 1 year commitment is expected for weekly/monthly memberships.  We are willing to be flexible on this policy if your circumstances change, but cancellation must fall at the end of a season.  The membership price that you sign up with remains valid even if membership prices increase for new members, pending your membership remains consistent and in good standing.  Sales tax is not included in any prices listed.