Axe Throwing 101

Lumberjack Level Unlocked


The Lumberjack Low-down *

* Closed toed shoes required! No flip flops, sandals or high heels.

6 points for the bullseye; 5 points for the first ring; 4 points for the second ring; 3 points for the third ring; 2 points for the fourth ring; 1 point for the fifth ring; 8 points for the Killshot (small, blue circles).
Before the throw, the player must make clear that he intends on throwing for the Killshot. This is called "calling the Killshot," which will activate it for the full 8 points. If the player misses, no points are awarded.
The axe must "stick" in the target for the points to count. If it falls before the official scores the throw, it's considered a drop and no points are awarded for the throw.
If the scoring area of an axe is embedded in the wood between two ring sections, referred to as "breaking," then the player is awarded the points for the higher-valued section.

Axe Throwing Rules, Safety & FAQs

We are so axe-cited that you’ve decided to join us! First things first, following the Axe Throwing Rules is a MUST. Each participant is required to sign a release – or have one signed by their guardian if under 18. You can sign the release ahead of time online by clicking here.

Our axe throwing rules are designed to ensure your time with us is as safe as it is fun. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Axe Hole NPR rules:

Axe Throwing 101: The Basics

  • Axe-throwers must sign a waiver to participate.  We suggest the waiver be signed on-line ahead of arrival so we can get started with the fun quicker once you arrive!  A copy of the waiver for your specific reservation will come with the confirmation if you book ahead.
  • Spectators will be asked to leave if they throw.  Spectators must also sign a waiver to enter the axe throwing area.
  • Participants must be age 10 or over to throw axes.  We ask that children under 15 participate before 9pm.  Parent or guardian must be present on-site with children.

Axe Safety

  • Do not throw an axe at a target if there is already an axe in the target.
  • Axes must stay within your designated throwing lane.
  • Place axe on the hook at the end of your turn.
  • Be aware of your surroundings; no swinging, no gesturing, no flipping – we are here to be axe holes, not a**holes!
  • Wiggle your axe up and down to remove it – don’t yank it towards your face.  The blunt end hurts too. Ask staff for help when retrieving an axe if needed.
  • Listen to your coach, these axe-perts have training to ensure your time here is both safe and fun – it’s why they give you axe throwing 101 training!

Lane Safety

  • Keep hands off the fencing that separates the lanes.  We don’t want your fingers catching a blade if your neighbor has a wild throw.  We prefer you leave with the same number of digits you arrived with.
  • Inform the staff of any loose wood or other items of concern in your lane.
  • No food or drink in lanes.  They are allowed in the seating area behind the red line.
  • Only ONE person per lane in front of the red line – unless you’re fighting over a score…we know that might need a group consensus at the board!

Articles of Intoxication

  • Intoxicated patrons will not be allowed to throw – but don’t worry, we’ll give you a credit for later if you pre-paid, we want you to come back, get your axe throwing 101 safety training and have a great time!
  • You must be 21 to drink alcohol – it’s the law.
  • Axe-throwers over 21 may not exceed 2 alcoholic beverages while throwing.  We want your good time to also be a safe time!


What are first responders?

Firefighters, Emergency Medical Services, 911 Dispatchers and Police Officers


I work at a school – but I’m not a teacher – can I still select the discount?

Yes!  School admins, bus drivers and others that help shape our youth are welcome to select this discount.


I work in hospital administration, am a technician or some other form of medical professional that works alongside our nurses – do I get the discount?

Yes, you do!  Please check the box for nurses.  We simply didn’t have enough space on the booking screen to list the detail encompassing all of the medical professionals that support us!


Will I have to share my lane with strangers?

Of course not – unless the friends you book with are strange – but that’s on you!  Your lane is designated for your group only.  However, the lanes are side-by-side.  There will be groups in the lanes next to yours.


How many people can throw on one lane?

One lane can have a maximum of 5 throwers.  When making your reservation, the system will automatically provide the appropriate number of lanes.


What happens if I forget my closed toe shoes?

Don’t worry, we have you covered!  We have some almost-famous orange crocs for you to borrow – and some fresh socks for you to keep.  Please, don’t hand us your used socks – you can throw them away if you don’t want to keep them.


Can I bring my child that is under 10 years old?

Yes!  Your well-behaved child is welcome to play video games in the lounge area.  We are trusting your judgement as a parent to know your child can follow instructions.  In the event the child runs to the axe area, you will be asked to leave.  This is for your child’s safety and the safety of other throwers.

Payment, Tardiness & Cancellation FAQ

Do I have to pay in advance for my reservation?

We take a 50% deposit to make sure you’re serious about showing up.  We are a very small venue (4 lanes).  We need to know you’re serious about showing up if we’re holding space for you.

Paid reservations are guaranteed their space.  Walk-ins will be accommodated when there is space available.


What if my whole group doesn’t show up for my reservation?

We can issue a gift card if we have at least 24 hours notice.  We are a small venue and your reservation held space that others could have used.  As such, we cannot issue refunds for last minute no-shows.


What if my group is late for our reservation time?

Please call us as soon as you realize you’ll be running behind.  Our team will be happy to shift your start time if it’s possible to do so without impacting another reservation.  We cannot guarantee that we’ll always be able to shift your time – so your reservation may still need to end at it’s originally scheduled time.


What if I need to cancel my reservation?

We are happy to issue a gift card if the cancellation is made at least 24 hours in advance.  Please call, text or e-mail us as soon as you know there has been a change.


What if I need to change my reservation day and/or time?

Please provide at least 24 hours notice so we can open up your original time for others.  Your newly requested time will be subject to availability at the time the change is requested – we will work with you to find a time that is available and works best for you.  Please call, text or e-mail as soon as you’re aware of the need for a change.  Don’t know the new time yet?  No worries!  We an issue you a gift card and you can use it to book the new time when you’re ready.

sign the release ahead of time:

Sign waiver