This is our first hatchet marathon league with the 2024 rules. We are very excited to get our first marathon under our belt following the new rules of play that went into effect for the 2024 season and get ready for more to come through the year.

Why did we wait an entire season before hosting a marathon?

Reason one: We wanted to let our highly competitive axe throwers get through their competition at the World Axe Throwing Championship.  Then, offer a marathon to let them mentally shift focus back to the new rules as the WATC used 2023 rules.  Reason 2: We wanted to get a full season of regular league under our belt.  This is to give our judges a chance to feel confident in the rule changes without needing to frequently pull up rules to double check accuracy.

Can I sign up still?

This first event filled up withe league members before release to the public. We are very excited to have a day where Tuesday and Thursday league members get a chance to mingle together and get to know people from a different league day than they normally participate in.  We will post some photos, videos and/or reels from the event to our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn after the event is completed.

When is the next one?

We will host another marathon league before the end of the spring season.  This will give our friends from other venues a chance to come in as well!  Curious to learn more about league rules?  Check out the World Axe Throwing League, the governing body over the leagues we participate in.

Can I still come in for public throwing?

We will be opening a bit later than normal this day to the public.  Expected opening time is approximately 3p.  Want to book a spot for the afternoon?  Our booking link is here.